Going Above and Beyond to Find the Best Solution for Our Customers

Published on July 30, 2020 By Liberty Creative Solutions


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Liberty Creative Solutions went the extra mile to help the Home Energy Assessment Program (HEA) improve its outreach and engagement. By creating an interactive and transportable product display that showcased energy-efficient solutions in real-life settings, Liberty not only raised awareness but also increased bookings of in-home energy efficiency assessments, demonstrating their commitment to finding innovative solutions for their customers' needs.

Home Energy Assessment Program (HEA), an Energy Efficiency Partner for the largest electric utility in Illinois, requested Liberty Creative Solutions’ services to improve results of their current programs. The goal of the project was:

To begin the process, Liberty was presented with two cardboard boxes containing sponsored products which Field Representatives regularly installed during Home Assessment Visits. The display was designed to aid in familiarizing the homeowner with the products available at no additional cost through participation in the HEA program.

Through detailed discussions with the Program Manager regarding the current HEA program, Liberty discovered the challenges faced when presenting the various products to the customers. It was determined that showing energy-efficient products in recognizable settings and real-use situations would aid in customers’ visualization of how they could benefit. Providing an interactive solution that engaged and familiarized users with the products would also increase the amount of time Field Representatives had to communicate the benefits to potential users.

Our Solution: Liberty provided conceptual mock-ups understanding that the display needed to be easily transportable and simple to deploy. Once the structure was determined, Liberty’s Design staff prepared graphics and messaging to support program goals and energy-efficient products. Liberty’s Wide Format department then printed, assembled and finished the graphics into a working display showcasing the products available to residential customers who participated in the Home Energy Assessment Program. Since April 2019, this display has been in use traveling to community outreach and education events across the country.

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