Employee Spotlight- Rosario Robles

Published on June 1, 2023 By Liberty Creative Solutions


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In the latest Employee Spotlight, Rosario Robles shares her journey at Liberty Creative Solutions, from her start in handwork to mastering various production equipment. Her dedication, love for continuous improvement, and the camaraderie within the production team shine through, offering valuable insights into the world of print production.

This month, our June spotlight is on Rosario Robles, who works second shift production for Liberty Creative Solutions. Having worked at LCS for the past three and a half years, her favorite parts of the job have been the type of work she does and the production environment. She describes how she loves being productive, as she enjoys the sense of accomplishment she gets from finishing a job. She particularly enjoys her position at LCS because it allows her to grow and continue improving herself in her work.

Rosario began her journey in the printing industry back in 2007, and continued on to join the Liberty Creative Solutions team in 2019. When asked about her time at LCS, she describes how she began doing hand work and eventually transitioned to operating more equipment. “Someone back then saw a little bit of potential in me,” she recalls about her transition to operating the equipment. She describes operating machines like the Flowmaster, Inkjet, B20, and more, although her favorite task is learning how to run the 56.

 One goal she is currently working towards is eventually being able to run the 56 by herself, as the heavy lifting of the gates can be a challenge. “I sometimes think maybe I should just work out a little bit, then maybe I can lift the gates, because those gates are really heavy!” she joked while describing her goal to operate the machine. Accomplishing this would be especially meaningful to her, as it would allow her to be more independent as an operator, which she prides herself in.

When asked which project has been her favorite so far, Rosario answered “All of them!” as she remarked that she always finds something to love about each one. She also explained how the production team helps to make sure these projects run smoothly, as each person on the team is willing to go out of their way to help someone who might be struggling with a piece of equipment or having a bad day.

If there is one thing she wishes that those in the corporate building understood about working in production, it would be the importance of including specific details on tickets. She describes how it can often be difficult to understand a ticket when the details are incorrect or certain changes are not being reflected.

We asked Rosario to tell us one thing her coworkers might not know about her, to which she responded that, outside of work, she primarily loves spending time with her two sons, Eduardo and Anthony. Her sons are now adults at 18 and 22 years old, so she likes to take advantage of any opportunity she has to spend time with them at home, where they all live together. When asked what she specifically likes to do with her sons, she jokingly responded “Well now they’re grownups, now they don’t want to hang out with me!”

As our interview came to a close, we asked Rosario “What’s one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?” to which she responded “Don’t look at what everybody else is doing, just focus on yourself.”

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