Employee Spotlight – Dominique Murray

Published on March 23, 2023 By Liberty Creative Solutions


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At Liberty Creative Solutions (LCS), one employee's journey from a temporary hand inserter to a multi-talented team member showcases the company's commitment to growth and employee development. Her story highlights the flexibility and diverse opportunities available at LCS, while emphasizing the importance of understanding different perspectives and not doubting one's abilities.

9 years in March. 1 year as a temp employee and 8 as a permanent employee.

I started at Liberty as a temp who was brought in for a small hand inserting job and was told I would only be needed for a day or two. After the assignment was finished, Management gave me the opportunity to continue coming back to complete other jobs. After  several weeks of doing hand insertion jobs, I eventually ventured off onto the production floor to help with loading materials into the tabber and inkjet.  I was then given the chance to learn the tabber and inkjet machines and run jobs by myself. After a year, I was offered a full – time position. During my first review, I asked if I could cross train and was given the opportunity to learn how to set up and run several of the machines in the bindery department.

In 2018, LCS listed a job opening for Estimating and Job Costing so I took a shot at interviewing for this role and moved from Production to Corporate with estimating. During my time in estimating, I was also able to help in Accounts Receivable with billing and invoicing. In 2020, after returning to the office following COVID I was offered a position in Customer Service.

The flexibility, especially with having two younger children at home. I get the opportunity to attend a lot of their school events that happen during the day.

I’m very well rounded. I was a cheerleader for 2 years in high school, ran track, and loved athletics. I also participated for 3 years on our school’s regional Mathlete competition and was  a part of the DECA club my junior and senior year.

Being involved with a healthcare client, handling their corporate and state accounts, I would love to learn more about the healthcare industry. Years from now, it would be a blessing to be able to start a journey on the sales team.

It’s not as easy as getting an email , plugging in a product number , and hitting submit. We are so much more, from trying to decipher what a client wants and making it happen the best way possible, whether we have a month to complete the job or three days. CSR’s also make sure every department that will be in contact with your job has as much information as possible.

Fully variable (content and images) self-mailers. Although it’s a lot to make sure you’re pulling the correct information for each version individually, it makes you think deeper. It’s like an intense brain exercise.

They’re pretty dope and special/talented in their own ways!

Everyone thinks differently. Don’t over question yourself just because someone doesn’t think or process things the same way you do.

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