60 Years Strong: The Legacy of LCS

Published on January 30, 2024 By Liberty Creative Solutions


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Celebrate 60 years of resilience and innovation with Liberty Creative Solutions, tracing its roots to the visionary Liberty Lithographers in 1964. From a two-color press in the '70s to pioneering digital technology in 2019, Liberty remains committed to top-tier customer service. As they commemorate their legacy, the future promises increased automation and strategic expansion, ensuring a continued pursuit of excellence in the dynamic world of creative solutions. Cheers to 60 years and the exciting innovations ahead!

Six decades ago, we embarked on a mission fueled by passion, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. From humble beginnings to becoming a cornerstone of industry success, our journey has been marked by resilience, growth, and a steadfast dedication to our core values. In this time of excitement and growth, we would like to celebrate the milestones and pivotal moments that have shaped us into the accredited institution we are today, commemorating the legacy that has spanned generations and looking ahead with anticipation for the exciting chapters yet to unfold.

Liberty Creative Solutions traces its roots back to the visionary founding of Liberty Lithographers, Inc. in September 1964 by William J. Kiehl. Originating in Chicago Heights, Illinois, the company commenced operations with a commitment to delivering cutting-edge print technology paired with unparalleled customer service. By 1972, Liberty boasted a team of fifteen employees and acquired its first two-color press. Embracing expansion, the company diversified its services to include typesetting and embarked on a transformative journey by merging with the full-service advertising agency, Grafcom. This strategic union marked a pivotal moment in Liberty's history, setting the stage for the comprehensive and innovative solutions that define Liberty Creative Solutions today.

In the late 1980s, Liberty embraced Macintosh technology, fully transitioning to a Mac-based facility by 1992. This technological leap included a high-resolution scanner, enabling direct file scanning and film generation. Evolving into Liberty Graphics, Inc., the company expanded services to include graphic design and integrated marketing. In 1996, a state-of-the-art 18,000 sq. ft. facility in Tinley Park marked a pivotal moment. Over the years, Liberty diversified with wide format, mailing/fulfillment services, and its first digital press in 2005. The company rebranded as Liberty Creative Solutions, Inc. in 2005 and further expanded in 2006 with an additional 26,000 sq. ft. of production space and a new Heidelberg 6/c press, solidifying its leadership in the market.

In 2008, Angela Hipelius assumed majority ownership of the company, propelling Liberty forward in the realm of digital print technologies, data analysis, and automated marketing services, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment to top-tier customer service. This transition coincided with Liberty's recognition as a Certified Women's Business Enterprise in 2009, ushering in a rebrand that unveiled a sleek, modernized company logo. The pinnacle arrived in 2019 with Liberty's boldest investment yet—the acquisition of the cutting-edge Océ ProStream digital web press, positioning us as one of the nation's 10 companies and the pioneering Certified WBE to own and operate this groundbreaking technology. Today, as a family-owned and operated enterprise, Liberty remains dedicated to delivering the latest in technological advancements coupled with unparalleled customer service, continually striving to exceed client expectations.

As Liberty Creative Solutions commemorates its 60th anniversary, we stand poised at the intersection of history and an exciting future. Resolved to meet the evolving needs of our clients, we embark on a journey of increased automation and innovation. This includes strategic plans to enhance efficiency, elevate service quality, and deliver cutting-edge solutions. As part of this vision, we are currently in the process of expanding our team, actively seeking a seasoned production manager and a customer service representative with expertise in print and promotional products. These strategic additions will strengthen our commitment to providing personalized, top-tier service. As we honor the legacy of the past six decades, we set our sights on a future defined by ingenuity, client-centricity, and a steadfast pursuit of excellence in the dynamic landscape of creative solutions. Here's to 60 years, and the exciting innovations yet to unfold!

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