3 Ways to Leverage Print Marketing to Grow your Business

Published on September 1, 2023 By Liberty Creative Solutions


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While digital marketing has become prominent, print marketing has gained impact by standing out in a cluttered digital landscape. Leveraging direct mail, signage, and a combination of print and digital efforts can help businesses capture their audience's attention, boost brand awareness, and drive engagement in a unique and effective way.

In recent years, it seems that most everything is done online, especially marketing. Because of this digital revolution, many believe that online marketing has taken over the advertising space for good. Ironically, this heavy shift to a digital strategy has made traditional marketing methods more impactful than ever for consumers. Many companies are diverting their full attention to online advertising, causing consumers to become practically conditioned to overlooking these efforts while scrolling social media or browsing the internet. Print marketing provides the opportunity for your business to stand out in a digital world and capture the interest of your audience.

Here are a few ways you can utilize print marketing to better reach your audience and grow your business:

Direct Mail

It can be challenging to win the battle for your audience’s attention when your ad is one of many in a sea of links. When you utilize direct mail, you seize the opportunity to be one of the only companies landing in your customer’s mailbox, automatically putting your business at the forefront of your audience’s minds. Consumers tend to have higher response rates when marketing is tangible and personal, which makes direct mail the ideal choice if you want to drive traffic to your website and boost sales. Additionally, direct mail offers the advantage of being easier to process and more memorable. According to the Canada Post/True Impact Marketing Study, direct mail requires 21% less cognitive effort to process than other forms of advertising. Dividing your marketing budget and opting for a mailed postcard, brochure, or letter might be just what you need to cut through the digital clutter and grow your brand’s audience.



With the right placement, signs, banners, or window decals can guarantee constant brand exposure in a way that digital formats can’t. Large format print also offers a variety of design and format options that are sure to grab attention. Traditional marketing with signs allows you to maintain a unified brand identity offline, and using contrasting colors with large, bold text is a great way to build brand awareness and entice customers to take immediate action. In fact, researchers say that almost 80% of consumers act on print advertisements immediately compared to only 45% of digital consumers.


Print + Digital

Print advertising alone might not be the key to maximizing your company’s full marketing potential, but combining your print and digital efforts can increase the effectiveness of your marketing exponentially. When you utilize print materials such as signs, brochures, or posters, you increase your brand awareness through personal, tactile experiences. Then when your audience comes across your digital advertising or website, they’ll lend your company more credibility since they already have awareness of the brand. In general, choosing either print or digital marketing as the sole advertising for your company will likely cause you to lose out on market share. When you use print and digital strategies in tandem, you prime your brand for a larger return on investment and stand out amongst competitors

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