A New Normal

The return to a “New Normal” will have a different look for many organizations. The need to address the safety and health of students, staff and visitors will require communications to support your commitment to providing an environment that ensures people’s well-being.  While the restart date for the upcoming school year may be uncertain at this time, the value of planning and preparing for your institution’s reopen is significant. Your institution’s emphasis of health and safety is vital to communicate to students, faculty, staff and their families.

As you prepare your institution for reopen, start thinking about ways to communicate your social distancing standards:

  • Signage on doors
  • Spacing decals on floors
  • Noting where to stand on elevators
  • Hand sanitizer stations
  • Personal protection equipment like face masks

Displaying communications about your institution’s efforts to make your environment as safe as possible provides current students, staff, visitors and even future students the confidence to attend and participate in supporting your institution.

We can help you implement these changes. Our in-house staff is ready to assist you with design, branding, and/or print and install – whatever you need. 

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